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CHA-Supported Hospital Charity Care Legislation Signed by Governor

Date May 7, 2012

Denver, Colo. (May 7, 2012) — Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper today signed into law the Hospital
Payment Assistance Program legislation, which was supported by the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA)
and ensures appropriate communication between patients and hospitals regarding health care services and
associated financial responsibilities.
Sponsored by Sen. Irene Aguilar (D–Denver) and Rep. Cindy Acree (R–Aurora), the bill was the result of
substantial discussion, collaboration and cooperation between CHA, the bill sponsors and other stakeholders.
“This bill ensures that patients get the payment information and options they need in an appropriate and timely manner, and permits hospitals to create and maintain charity care policies that reflect both community
needs and their own mission and values,” said Steven J. Summer, CHA president and CEO. “CHA applauds
Sen. Aguilar and Rep. Acree on their thoughtful and productive work in passing this legislation.” Bob Ladenburger, executive vice president of operations at SCL Health System, president and CEO of Exempla
Healthcare and past CHA board chairman, spoke at the bill signing today on behalf of CHA.
“Colorado hospitals have a deep commitment to providing compassionate, quality health care services to
patients regardless of their ability to pay,” said Ladenburger, adding: “The bottom line is hospitals want all
qualifying patients to know about the charity care and payment options available to them.”
Ladenburger noted that Colorado hospitals annually provide more than one and a half billion dollars in
uncompensated and charity care to patients needing financial assistance. In 2011, SCL Health System
contributed more than $220 million in community benefits—an increase

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