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Colorado Hospital Association Partners with the California Hospital Patient Safety Organization to Eliminate Preventable Patient Harm

Date April 7, 2014

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. (Apr. 1, 2014) — The Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) recently 
entered into an agreement with the California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) to offer 
Patient Safety Organization (PSO) services to hospitals and health systems in Colorado. CHPSO was 
formed by the California Hospital Association and is part of California’s Hospital Quality Institute. It 
is the largest and oldest hospital-based PSO in the nation with approximately 300 member 
hospitals and health care organizations. 
Prior to selecting CHPSO, CHA conducted a thorough evaluation of the leading PSOs. CHA believes 
CHPSO will provide Colorado hospitals and health systems with unmatched access to the emerging 
best practices of hundreds of hospitals and in-depth patient safety resources. CHPSO has developed 
a regional model for PSO membership that brings together health professionals from neighboring 
facilities to engage in frank, open and legally protected discussions about patient safety and quality 
issues, based on the premise that the most powerful method for change comes through sharing 
“Colorado hospitals are committed to clinical excellence, patient safety and quality improvement,” 
said Nancy Griffith, CHA director of quality improvement and patient safety. “Choosing to partner 
on a statewide level with proven patient safety experts further demonstrates our dedication to 
collaboration and shared resources that will benefit patients.” 
“We welcome CHA and its member hospitals. CHPSO exists to serve its members and their patients, 
and welcomes this opportunity to partner with CHA in this complex but vital task of eliminating 
preventable patient harm,” said Rory Jaffe, CHPSO executive director. 
Members that participate in this PSO will have access to “safe table” forums, evidence-based 
recommendations, an on-line resource center, educational offerings and more. The agreement will 
enable CHA to convene confidential safe table meetings with Colorado hospitals to discuss patient 
safety events and to collaborate on initiatives aimed at reducing patient harm. 
Contact CHPSO at for more information and instructions on joining. 

About the Colorado Hospital Association
The Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) represents 100 member hospitals and health systems throughout Colorado. CHA partners with its members to work towards health reform and performance improvement, and provides advocacy and representation at the state and federal level. Colorado hospitals and health systems are committed to providing coverage and access to safe, high-quality and affordable health care. In addition, Colorado hospitals have a tremendous impact on the state’s economic stability and growth, contributing to nearly every community across the state with 72,000 employees statewide.

About the California Hospital Patient Safety Organization 
The California Hospital Patient Safety Organization is one of the largest Patient Safety Organizations 
in the nation, serving hospitals in the Western United States. CHPSO confidentially collects and 
analyzes patient safety data, develops and shares best practices, and helps individual hospitals 
accelerate safety improvement. More than 300 institutions have joined in this quest to eliminate 
preventable patient harm. CHPSO collaborates with hospital associations to ensure an integrated 
approach. It also maintains close alliances with other statewide PSOs, quality and safety agencies, 
research institutes and think tanks. As a result, members gain unprecedented access to the 
collective intelligence of patient safety experts and innovators. For more information, visit