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Colorado Hospital Association Opposes Cuts in Governor’s 2016-2017 Budget Proposal – Urges Adoption of the Hospital Provider Fee Enterprise

Date Nov. 2, 2015

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. – At 5 p.m. today, Gov. John Hickenlooper released his 2016-2017 budget proposal which seeks to address a predicted $373 million budget deficit through significant cuts to Medicaid funding. The proposal includes a $100 million reduction to the Colorado Hospital Provider Fee – which equates to a $200 million net reduction when the federal match is applied; a one-percent provider rate cut; and discontinuation of increased funding for primary care providers. In sum, these will have a $285 million net impact to health care providers across Colorado. The following statement is attributable to Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) President and Chief Executive Officer Steven J. Summer:
“CHA is opposed to the $285 million in cuts to health care proposed in the Governor’s budget because these cuts are entirely unnecessary. Instead of choosing these damaging and significant cuts to essential health care services – and putting hospitals in rural and underserved areas in jeopardy – the legislature should pass the Hospital Provider Fee Enterprise. This idea has been endorsed by over three dozen business and consumer groups across the political spectrum, as well as various media outlets across the state. Legislative approval of the Hospital Provider Fee Enterprise would be a common-sense solution negating the need for most of the proposed cuts.”
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