2016 Legislative Session

CHA’s annual legislative agenda (click here for the 2016 edition) is guided by the three key policy principles identified in the CHA Strategic Plan: coverage and access to care; regulatory streamlining; and payment reform. These principles inform the Association’s decisions to support or oppose legislation throughout the session, and provide a roadmap for developing the legislative agenda and introducing legislation on an annual basis.

Click here to review the CHA 2016 Legislative Report, which details the work achieved by the Association during the 2016 legislative session. For more information, contact Katherine Mulready, CHA vice president of legislative policy and chief strategy officer, at katherine.mulready@cha.com or 720.330.6040.

Legislative Briefs

House Bill 16-1047: Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
House Bill 16-1101: Medical Decisions for Unrepresented Patients House Bill 16-1142 and Senate Bill 16-063: New Rural Health Care Workforce Laws

House Bill 16-1160: Surgical Tech and Surgical Assistant Registration
House Bill 16-1280: Concerning the Regulation of Air Ambulance Service House Bill 16-1390: Immunity When Overdoses Reported

House Bill 16-1393: Search Warrant for Communicable Disease Testing
House Bill 16-1394: Aligning Issues Around At-Risk Persons House Bill 16-1408: Continuing the Medicaid Primary Care Bump

House Bills 16-1432 and 16-1438: New 2016 Employer Laws
Senate Bill 16-069: Concerning Measures to Provide Community-Based Out-of-Hospital Medical Services Senate Bill 16-120: Review by Medicaid Client for Billing Fraud

Senate Bill 16-135: Collaborative Pharmacy Practice Agreements
Senate Bill 16-158: Physician Duties Delegated to Physician Assistant