Physician Placement: Locum Tenens

Physician Owned and Operated:

The physician leadership team at Onyx M.D. has a true ground floor perspective on physician workforce dynamics and physician shortages. This gives Onyx M.D. a unique perspective to the challenges their clients face in finding and retaining quality health care providers.

Physicians often support other physicians and align with organizations that have their best interest at heart —Onyx M.D. is that organization.

In addition, the physician-centric model grants Onyx M.D. access to unique providers due to their strategic relationships with various physician organizations; giving Onyx M.D. a higher placement rate than the industry average.

Regionalized Focus:

Onyx M.D. clients have their own dedicated recruitment team, regardless of the specialty or location. Your team is not only responsible for filling all of your locum tenens needs, but they are also specialized in building a pipeline of quality candidates. Each candidate is licensed in all states and are able to provide adequate resources suitable to your future needs.

Fusion Model and Discounts:

This method ensures the highest probability of success for recruiting and retaining health care providers. The Onyx M.D. Fusion Model encompasses a successful approach that is designed to establish the right fit through a “working interview.” In addition, there are considerable savings designed to keep actual recruiting costs low with application of progressive discounts. The more time spent during the working interview, the higher the discounts.


Dorcas Johnson
Corporate Recruiter
Direct: 877.466.9963