CHA is pleased to offer a new tool for all member hospitals. ChimeMaps is an innovative geo-solution that uses advanced mapping techniques to provide actionable insights based on hospital, health and population data.

This tool can be used for many purposes:

Service Line Analysis – Identify the services that people may need based on ZIP code utilization and market share data by service line, with the ability to drill down to patient record level for your hospital’s patients.

Market Assessments – Determine how a hospital is performing in its market in key service areas, how it compares to others and how the market is changing.

Community Health Needs Assessments – Analyze real-time, relevant data that illustrates the true burden of health issues in a community, provides statewide comparisons and presents results in an easy-to-understand format.

Health Intervention Targeting – Identify high-frequency users by medical condition to better plan health outreach and interventions, resulting in measurable and improved community health.

To request an authorization form, please contact Alexandra Mannerings or Krista Smith. View the ChimeMaps brochure here, or contact Alexandra Mannerings for more information or to schedule a demonstration.

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