2018 Legislative Session

2018 was a good year for Colorado hospitals at the legislature, and the industry benefited greatly from legislators willingness to reach across the aisle and find compromises for the good of Colorado. A great example of this cooperation in the legislature is the package of behavioral health bills that CHA helped advance. Following a multi-year stakeholder process, CHA and others were able to find the requisite bipartisan support to expand access to behavioral health services and help address Colorado’s opioid crisis.



2018 Legislative Priorities

Protect successes in coverage and access and ensure systems that facilitate payment and delivery of health care work as intended:

  • Pass legislation enacting the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, enabling more than 86,000 nurses to continue working in Colorado and other states.
  • Ensure performance improvements in Colorado interChange, the new Medicaid claims payment system.
  • Continue to advocate for Colorado’s Hospital Provider Fee – now called the Health Care Affordability and Sustainability Fee (HAS Fee) – and defend against policy changes that would have destabilizing effects on Colorado insurance markets.

Improve health care transparency and affordability:

  • Promote transparency in health care that is evidence-based and meaningful to consumer decision-making and that reflects mutual buy-in across payers, providers and consumers.
  • Educate policymakers about existing efforts supported by CHA that improve health care transparency and affordability in Colorado, including care planning and pricing tools, quality reviews and hospital financial performance.

Strengthen responses to the opioid crisis and access to behavioral health services:

  • Support legislative efforts to address the opioid crisis, while ensuring that policies balance the need for adequate pain management with efforts to reduce opioid misuse and abuse.
  • Support expanded coverage of and access to inpatient behavioral health services in Medicaid, including the creation of an inpatient substance use disorder benefit and improved access to and payment for inpatient psychiatric care.