2019 Legislative Session

2019 Legislative Session Issue Briefs

State Reinsurance Program
Hospital Financial Transparency
Out-of-Network Health Care Services
Regulatory Changes for Employers
Colorado Professional Review Act and Candor Act
Increased Access to Behavioral Health
Advance Directives
Health Care Workforce
Changes to Prior Authorization

2019 Legislative Priorities

Lead by Example

Colorado hospitals and health systems believe that all segments of the industry have a shared responsibility to develop solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our health care system. Getting there will take time, but hospitals will lead the way by:

  • Taking Responsibility for Pricing Transparency for Consumers
  • Leading the Charge for Freestanding Emergency Department Licensure
  • Supporting Efforts to Reauthorize the Medical Practice Act and the Colorado Professional Review Act

Simplify the Health Care System

The health care system in Colorado has developed and evolved over many decades into a system that is complicated for both consumers and providers. Hospitals will work to simplify the system by:

  • Working to Improve Efficiency in Health Care Billing
  • Honoring Patient Wishes and Streamlining the Delivery of Health Care Through the Creation of an Advanced Directives Registry
  • Advocating for Rural Hospital Regulatory Relief