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Friends of Colorado Hospitals

Friends of Colorado Hospitals (Friends) is CHA’s Political Action Committee (PAC). Funds raised through Friends PAC provide support to a broad, bipartisan range of candidates statewide who support the goals and values of Colorado hospitals. Through Friends PAC, hospital leaders can pool together individual contributions to provide a strong, united voice that increases the political impact of Colorado hospitals. Friends PAC plays a critical role in CHA’s political advocacy by providing financial support to candidates for statewide election in Colorado (donations are not tax-deductible). Each year, Colorado hospital leaders are provided resources and tools to help them organize giving campaigns at their own hospitals so that contributions – and hospitals’ political impact – can be maximized.

The 2017 campaign will launch soon!

THIS PAGE IS NOT A SOLICITATION. It is solely a means for qualified individuals to make a voluntary contribution. Solicitation is performed through local hospital administration.

Friends of Colorado Hospitals (Friends) is CHA’s political action committee (PAC) that supports state legislative candidates who are concerned about health care issues and listen to and support CHA in promoting its legislative policies. Friends also supports political parties and educational committees for candidates.

Friends conducts a joint campaign with the American Hospital Association Political Action Committee (AHAPAC), a federal PAC that supports federal candidates.

1. The joint Friends/AHAPAC campaign is limited as to the persons who may be solicited for contributions; those persons being salaried, executive and administrative persons employed at AHA or CHA member hospitals. The hospital need not be an AHA member. However, prior to solicitation, the hospital CEO needs to sign a prior authorization card. All solicitation by Friends is done through the CEO only. Nonexempt employees cannot be solicited. Hospital trustees may be solicited. While other persons may not be solicited for Friends/AHAPAC purposes, any person who learns of the existence of the joint campaign and wishes to contribute may do so. AHAPAC cannot accept corporate contributions.

2. The state rules for Friends allow it to accept certain contributions that AHAPAC cannot; however, it should be noted that a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization may not contribute to a political action committee under federal laws on tax-exempt organizations. For-profit subsidiaries of a 501(c) (3) may make contributions. For more information, contact Friends of Colorado Hospitals at [email protected].