Patient and Family Engagement

With the shift in the health care landscape from volume to value, more hospitals are engaging patients in their everyday hospital activities. Like any profession, learning from the consumer can provide great insight on how to provide better service. Integrating patients, families and caregivers within the hospital setting is an excellent approach to gain insight from patients that can increase the quality of care delivered in a hospital.

Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) recognizes the value of patient and family engagement is dedicated to helping its members improve health care experiences. CHA also provides tools and resources to aid in establishing and maintaining patient family advisory councils.

Contact Information

Ali Rosenberg, MPH

Project Manager, Quality Data

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant Project

CHA was recently awarded the Building Trust and Mutual Respect to Improve Health Care grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The funding will be used to facilitate a two part research effort surrounding PFE strategies. During a 24-month period, CHA will collect and analyze hospital data to determine associations between specific PFE strategies and survey scores on various domains of communication climate and trust. Then, using a sample of 10 hospitals, the Association will determine which PFE strategies are the most effective for rural hospitals to employ. To learn more, contact Ali Rosenberg.