Preventing Readmissions

Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) has been working to support hospitals in their efforts to reduce preventable readmissions. CHA offers tailored coaching and support to hospitals that want to prevent readmissions. For more information on preventing readmissions, please contact the patient safety department.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Safe Transitions Collaborative

CHA and UnitedHealthcare partnered on a 24-month collaborative which aimed to reduce preventable readmissions. The collaborative was geared towards the widespread implementation of a reengineered hospital discharge process, Project RED (Re-Engineered Discharge). A total of 19 Colorado hospitals implemented the Project RED intervention with 7,679 patients. Participating hospitals reported a 30 percent relative reduction in the all-cause readmission rates, dropping from 13.3 percent to 9.3 percent, and a 43 percent relative reduction in same-cause readmission rates, dropping from 6.5 percent to 3.7 percent. CHA estimates this project saved approximately $2.6 million by averting 311 all-cause readmissions (including same-cause readmissions) over seven quarters of intervention across 19 hospitals. There was no statistical correlation found between the action steps and a reduction in readmissions. The collaborative saw notable improvement in compliance over the intervention period with step 1 and 4 (education on the patient’s diagnosis, including national guidelines and organizing post-discharge services), step 9 (assess the patient’s level of understanding, i.e., “teach-back”) and step 11 (contact the patient to reinforce discharge plan two to three days after discharge). The collaborative consistently showed high compliance with step 5 (confirm the medication plan) and step 10 (give the patient a written discharge plan at the time of discharge). Click here for the full analysis. Click here for a list of participating hospitals. This project has been completed.

Healthy Transitions Colorado

CHA is an operating partner of Healthy Transitions Colorado (HTC). HTC is a collaborative effort, focused on aligning and accelerating existing efforts to improve transitions of care for Coloradans. Our guiding principles are simple – by working together to break down the silos of health care, we can foster true community care coordination across facilities, specialties and practices. HTC coordinates the tools, resources and efforts of many partners across the state to achieve the following goals:

Improve Health

Prevent 8700 all-cause readmissions within 30 days of discharge

Improve Care

Resulting in 34,800 additional days out of the hospital

Lower Costs

Save Coloradans over $80 million dollars

Click here for more information about Healthy Transitions Colorado. For more information on preventing readmissions, please contact the patient safety department. This project is active.