Planning & Preparedness

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) – COOP improves an organizations ability to continue functioning when a disaster or event disturbs normal operations.

CHA Emergency Code Implementation Documents – The CHA Emergency Code is a set of standardized codes using plain-language that simplifies the alert and notification process when specific events occur within a hospital setting.

Colorado Health Care Coalition Integrated Evacuation Plan Guide and Template – These documents provide a recommended approach to planning for a coordinated and collaborative response when evacuation and reception of patients is necessary.

Colorado Hospital Memorandum of Understanding – The Colorado Hospital Memorandum of Understanding is a voluntary agreement among Colorado hospitals to provide assistance at the time of an event that overwhelms the capability of the hospital to respond.  Use this link to find out more information and to see if your facility participates in this agreement.

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis – Hazard vulnerability analysis (HVA) and risk assessment are systematic approaches to identifying hazards or risks that are most likely to have an impact on a healthcare facility and the surrounding community.  Use this link to connect with multiple tools and resources to assist in conducting an HVA for your facility.

Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) – HICS is an incident command system designed for hospitals and intended for use in both emergency and non-emergency situations.  Use this link to connect with multiple tools and resources to assist in implementing HICS in your facility.