Colorado Hospital Association Shared Services Announces New Partnership with VeritasAdvantage™

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO – Aug. 12, 2019 – Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) Shared Services has announced a new partnership with VeritasAdvantage™, a revolutionary cloud-based application designed to transform the way hospitals negotiate for and purchase medical supplies and devices.

The VeritasAdvantage™ application affords its members real-time access to the collective buying experience of the entire membership with a single click. The standalone application electronically connects hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to the Veritas database of over $17.5 billion  worth of hospital purchase order transactions. VeritasAdvantage™ provides instantaneous actionable intelligence to quickly identify pricing disparities for identical medical devices and negotiate with their vendors in real time.

“Colorado hospitals and health systems are committed to doing their part to make the health care system more affordable,” said Michael Scott, CHA vice president. “That’s why a partnership like the one we have started with VeritasAdvantage™ is so important – it will help hospitals become more efficient and save money on their medical supply and device purchases.”

About Colorado Hospital Association

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About VeritasAdvantage

VeritasAdvantage is committed to developing a modern health care marketplace built around connectivity and pricing transparency as a means of bolstering hospital profitability and sustainability.