2023 Legislative Session

The 2023 legislative session will convene on Jan. 9, 2023. Throughout 2023, CHA’s legislative priorities include: 

  • Lead legislative efforts to grow and support the health care workforce and streamline the regulatory environment
  • Defend against policies that jeopardize quality of or access to health care services
  • Join coalition partners to streamline hospital discounted care programs, ensure patient access to critical medications, and expand access to remote patient monitoring services in Medicaid
  • Increase understanding of critical policy issues facing hospitals and patients
  • Learn more

Issue Briefs

For questions or more information, contact Megan Axelrod, CHA director of regulatory policy and federal affairs, at 720.330.6028 or Adeline Ewing, CHA policy analyst, at 720.330.6075. 

Legislative Session Preview Webinar

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