2020 Legislative Session

The 2020 legislative session is not one that will be easily forgotten. The start of this session looked similar to previous years, with health care affordability among the top issues the legislature intended to address. But just as the debate on the proposed public option began, COVID-19 came to Colorado. Priorities across the board changed, and the legislature went on a temporary recess as hospitals shifted their focus to caring for COVID-19 patients and helping guide the state’s pandemic response. When it reconvened, the General Assembly had limited time to clear its docket and had to limit its focus to closing the $3.3 billion budget gap and securing COVID-19 relief for Colorado communities. To learn more, read the 2020 CHA Legislative Report.

Read the 2020 CHA Legislative Report

2020 Legislative Session Issue Briefs

Access to Behavioral Health
Colorado's Health Care Professions
Increasing Access to Health Care Services
Regulatory Changes
Sick Leave for Employees

2020 Legislative Session Recap Webinar