Center for Health Information and Data Analytics

Faced with a rapidly changing health care environment and in the wake of a global pandemic, the ability to access and analyze data has never been more important. Colorado Hospital Association provides data and analytics support to communities, health care stakeholders, and hospitals with insights, benchmarking, and actionable data of hospital services in Colorado. Through the Center for Health Information and Data Analytics (CHIDA), CHA is committed to providing information that will help hospitals and health care stakeholders continue to provide much-needed quality care in their communities.  

CHA maintains a robust set of data from multiple sources. Leveraging a powerful data infrastructure system, CHA manages multiple data programs. The first is the discharge data, which collects standardized inpatient and outpatient hospital claim level data from all member hospitals in Colorado. This data is augmented with community level and other third-party data. This unique dataset allows for patient-level and population-level analysis of hospital care delivery for hospital members, researchers, and other community stakeholders. CHA also manages the DATABANK program, a summary of finance data. CHA licenses this program to 10 other states that allows for state, regional, and national benchmarking and analysis.

For more information, contact Krista Smith, CHA manager of data quality and security, at 720.330.6064.