Hospital Financial Policy

Hospitals treat everyone who comes through their doors, regardless of their ability to pay for services. This is a federal requirement for some services, such as emergency care, but also a point of pride for Colorado hospitals as cornerstone institutions in their communities.

Financial policy is responsible for research, policy analysis and evaluation of health financing programs and policies affecting health care financing, delivery system reform, and health care costs.

Price and Quality Transparency

Colorado Hospital Association and its members hold a deep commitment to furthering transparency and affordability in health care. Patients should know before, during, and after their health care visit what their cost and financial responsibility will be.
CHA has adopted the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s guidelines for price transparency, which state that transparency should be meaningful, consumer-oriented, easy to understand and paired with other information to define the value of services and not just the price. This is because, while price is undeniably important, quality and outcomes matter just as much. It is important to note that transparency is not the end-all, be-all solution to this issue but is rather a means to an end: affordable, accessible, high-quality health care for all.