Facility Fees

What You Need to Know:
Facility fees are best described as “care-team fees” — they pay for the people (other than doctors) involved in care provided in outpatient clinics. These payments have little to do with the actual facility – they pay for the nurses, techs, environmental services, interpreters, security personnel, and many others that help provide care in outpatient clinics.

In 2023, the General Assembly passed House Bill 23-1215 – Limits On Hospital Facility Fees – that limits facility fees for certain preventive services, authorizes a study into the impact of facility fees on the health care system in Colorado and increases transparency about when facility fees might be charged.

Colorado Hospital Perspective: The majority of hospital outpatient care is provided in community clinics where patients can get primary care, behavioral health care, cancer infusions, and many other kinds of specialty care. Outpatient care is more affordable, accessible, and comfortable for patients. Hospitals have worked hard over the years to shift more care to outpatient settings instead of more expensive care locations. This model ensures patients can access the right care at the right time in an affordable way.

In many cases, facility fees are the only source of income hospitals have to pay the clinical and support staff that take care of patients in clinics.

CHA Contact: Joshua Ewing, CHA vice president of government affairs | [email protected]