End-of-Life Options Act Materials

Proposition 106 – Colorado End-of-Life Options Act (“the Act”) – was approved by voters in November 2016 and went into effect on Dec. 16, 2016. The Act allows Colorado residents with a terminal illness to request and self-administer medical aid-in-dying medication from a physician under certain conditions.

To ensure hospitals and hospital employees are in full compliance, CHA advises all Colorado hospital leaders to work quickly to fully understand how the law may impact their hospital, discuss with their respective boards whether the hospital will participate (opt-in) or not participate (opt-out) under the Act, and develop and adopt an emergency policy and procedures.

To help CHA member hospitals and health systems come into compliance with the new law, the Association developed a toolkit with a variety of resources, all available here:

CHA also presented a webinar with additional details, and those materials are available here:

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recently released guidance on reporting and collecting medical aid-in-dying medication information, which includes: