Maximize access to health care services, especially in underserved regions of the state, through information and communications technology.


Inform, educate, connect and promote the adoption of telehealth.

Who We Are

CHA Broadband Services is the state consortium leader in administering federal dollars to aid eligible health care entities, especially in underserved regions of the state, gain access to broadband connectivity to provide health care services in their communities. Broadband Services leverages the FCC Rural Health Care Program’s Healthcare Connect Fund, an annual $581 million federal fund, to administer these subsidies.


2019 | CTN Becomes Broadband Services

Over time, as technology and the Rural Health Care program evolved, CTN became known as CHA Broadband Services.

2018 | Diversity

In preparation for the sun-setting of CTN 1, a diversity campaign was launched urging all members the importance of redundant and diverse connections.

2016 | Building Communities

A year after Net Connects inception, Broadband Services began its Building Communities program. Much like Net Connect, this program focuses on larger telecom spends and growing broadband access throughout the state via local technology planning teams.

2015 | Net Connect

To allow for more community health centers, local public health departments, community mental health centers or rural clinics and Community Safety Net Clinics to apply for federal subsidy, Broadband Services launched its Net Connect Program.

2012 | CTN 1

Broadband Services is the federally designated provider for Colorado’s health care broadband infrastructure. Broadband Services’ private, dedicated broadband network, known as CTN 1, became fully operational in the first quarter of 2012, one of the first in the nation to achieve this distinction. No other state receiving federal support has used their funds to create such a far-reaching, all-inclusive network.

2008 | Inception

Broadband Services, formally Colorado Telehealth Network (CTN), was formed in 2008 through $9.7 million in federal awards to establish statewide, dedicated health care networks. $5.1 million was awarded to the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) to develop the Rocky Mountain HealthNet (RMHN) to support the behavioral health care community. $4.6 million was awarded to the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) to develop Colorado Health Care Connections (CHCC) to support the physical health care community. The two programs operated jointly as CTN, distinguishing Colorado as providing integrated service to both behavioral and physical health care communities.