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CHA Launches Next Phase of Opioid Safety Work

Partnership with providers aims to advance the safe use of opioids and increase the use of alternatives. 

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This #ValentinesDay, share your feelings for your loved ones … but don’t share the flu. Get your flu shot today! #UnitedAgainstFlu https://t.co/grvldhNzTH

Colorado’s hospitals are always seeking new ways to improve patient care and reduce costs. Check out this story to see how @HealthONEsystem is doing just that. #coleg #copolitics

Virtual sitters monitor patients to reduce falls https://t.co/qRRNTyLyWJ

Thanks @Kennedy4CO for your collaboration on HB-19-1001. Colorado hospitals are ready to do our part both in improving financial transparency and in reducing health care costs. We appreciate your leadership
#copolitics #coleg

Local partnership helps those suffering from opioid addiction (@RioGrdHospital)

CO hospitals and providers are proud to launch CO's CURE - working together to be part of the solution for our state's opioid epidemic. https://t.co/hJJGcglBz1 #coleg #copolitics

The Colorado Sun@ColoradoSun

As the overdose epidemic in Colorado continues, hospitals are taking a new step to dramatically reduce opioid prescriptions https://t.co/D7UXSTSEXN via @johningold

Steamboat Ski Patrol and hospital docs create life-saving team (@uchealth)

"Hospitals are willing to provide proactive solutions, and we look forward to working with the Administration on this important work. The potential and opportunity for this Office’s efforts are significant and could make a great difference for Coloradans." https://t.co/wfxdw7jaVg

Asked about Governor Polis creating the state Office of Saving People Money on Health Care, CHA said: "The Association applauds Governor Polis and Lieutenant Governor Primavera’s commitment to addressing the health care cost crisis...

We are so proud to partner with @corxconsortium and @CoMedSoc to launch CO's CURE to develop the nation’s first comprehensive, multispecialty medical guidelines for limiting opioid use and increasing the use of alternatives to opioids: https://t.co/hJJGcglBz1.

With the help of the IT MATTTRs initaitve, Colorado jumped from 40th to 8th in the nation for the number of providers able to prescribe MAT, according to Kyle Knierim and Linda Zittleman. #OpioidSafetyCO @uchealth

The Colorado Hospital Substance Exposed Newborns (CHoSEN) Collaborative is doing incredible work to improve treatment for substance exposed newborns and their mothers. Dr. Danielle Smith dug into some of the results the collaborative has seen. #OpioidSafetyCO @ChildrensColo

Lisa Gawenus and Judy Shlay dove into the details of how Denver Health is expanding access to MAT through a hub-and-spoke model, which includes treatment for inmates, education and a center for addiction medicine. #OpioidSafetyCO @DenverHealthMed @DenPublicHealth

Did you know that patients with opioid use disorder cost the health care system more than patients who don’t? That’s only one of the reasons our work to reduce opioid use is so important #OpioidSafetyCO #copolitics #coleg

The Colorado ALTO Project not only had incredible preliminary results but has shown a sustained reduction in opioid administrations and an increase in alternatives to opioids. Learn more at https://t.co/N4NzNuY2VK


Alternative to opioids are beginning to move into different areas of the hospital. Kathryn Podorsek and Christopher Lowe discussed how @CRHospital is utilizing alternatives in the Women's Services department. #OpioidSafetyCO

Shannon Ryan-Cebula and Sabryna Silva shared some strategies to ensure the safety of hospice and palliative care patients when opioid administrations are necessary. #OpioidSafetyCO @lutheranmedctr

Dr. Brent Van Dorsten challenged the providers in the audience to dig into what behavioral health treatment opportunities may be available for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. #OpioidSafetyCO

Real problems need real solutions. Hospitals working together to solve
Colorado’s opioid crisis is a real solution.
Improving patient care and lower costs by decreasing opioid use is a big
win. ##opioidsafetyco #copolitics #coleg

Trampas Hutches, CEO of @MelissaMemorial, shared the incredible story of how the hospital and primary care providers of Holyoke, CO transitioned 72% of their opioid-dependent patient population to alternative therapies in just six months. #OpioidSafetyCO

"He didn't need someone to come in and be some champion of addiction. He just needed someone to come in and treat him like a person," @cristenbates, sharing about her brother's battle with #addiction and #stigma in the hospital. @CO_CDHS #OpioidSafetyCO

Listening to @rcwallermd on how we must change the treatment and approach to pain and addiction. #OpioidSafetyCO


Leaders from @uchealth and @stanorthhc discuss the learnings so far from the medication assisted treatment pilot at their hospitals. #OpioidSafetyCO

More than 400 health care providers attending @COHospitalAssn Opioid Safety Summit as part of our work to stop the crisis in Colorado. #opioidsafetyco #copolitics

Memorial Regional Health (@MRHCraig) invests $500K over 2 years for new substance abuse treatment facility https://t.co/dNhKsQbMks

New "Health Costs and Hospitals: Drivers and Opportunities" report offers a look at some drivers of health care costs in CO. CO hospitals look forward to being part of the solution of improving health care affordability, including opportunities here. https://t.co/tsoq2R4hnp

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