Colorado Hospital Association Supports Legislation to Improve Colorado’s Vaccination Rates

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLO. – April 26, 2019 – Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) strongly supports House Bill 19-1312, because it represents modest but effective legislation that will improve Colorado’s vaccination rates by strengthening and standardizing the school immunization exemption process. Less than 89 percent of Colorado’s kindergarten-aged children have been vaccinated for serious diseases like measles, mumps and rubella – placing the state last in the country. The state’s low immunization rates often lead to unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations, resulting in significant avoidable cost added to the health care system.

“Given the recent measles outbreak across the country, and the impact that has had not just on patient safety and public health – but also on health care costs, this is an ideal time to recognize the importance of vaccines in our health care system,” said Steven Summer, president and CEO, CHA. “CHA and its member hospitals support HB 19-1312 because we believe it will improve our state’s vaccination rates. This legislation is based on proven efforts to improve immunization rates, and vaccines are cost-effective and evidence-based way to prevent diseases in our communities.

“We thank the sponsors of this legislation for the stakeholder process they have led while working on this bill, striving to balance concerns about parental choice with public health,” Summer added. “We urge Governor Polis to sign the bill, if it passes the General Assembly, so that we can move forward quickly to address this important public health issue.”

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