Contingent Staffing: Nursing & Allied

For travel nurses, therapists, allied healthcare professionals, per diem staffing services or all of the above, Aya Healthcare has dedicated account management, clinical, credentialing and support teams, along with a robust recruiting force, working together to deliver a high volume of quality travel nurses and health care professionals to your facility. Stringent clinician-developed vetting methodologies ensure Aya Healthcare employs the most talented people in the industry. And since Aya obsesses about creating exceptional experiences for their travel nurses and other health care professionals, they have one of the highest retention rates in the industry. Their clinicians are more likely to extend, which ensures better continuity of care and improved outcomes.

Aya Healthcare shares our belief that people who care more have the best outcomes and they are hyper-focused on providing the industry’s best clinician experience. The sole purpose of their Traveler Experience Department is to ensure the happiness of each of our clinicians on every assignment or per diem shift. Traveler experience team members are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide constant support for our clinicians. That means if a traveler misses his or her connecting flight and calls in a panic on a Saturday night, the Aya team is there to answer that call.

Aya Healthcare, the company transforming travel nurse staffing and health care workforce solutions across the United States, was named the number one top workplace in the large company category by the San Diego Union-Tribune. This marks the sixth consecutive year Aya Healthcare has been recognized in this awards program.


Kellie Bonthron
Director of Career Services
Direct: 303.588.0613