Colorado Hospital Association and American Sentinel University are grateful to everyone who has a hand in health care — especially during this unprecedented time. In appreciation, we have launched a special edition of our CO Health Care Stars program.
We are certain that all your employees have stepped up to confront challenges they never imagined. Let us recognize the one that emerged as a superhero within your organization.
A superhero typically possesses one or more of the following traits:

  • Courage
  • Strong moral code
  • Great sense of responsibility
  • Fighting spirit
  • Mental toughness

We will recognize 99 superheroes across Colorado – one from each CHA member hospital. Each honoree will receive a gift of appreciation and will be entered into a drawing for a transferable full-tuition scholarship for an advanced health care degree at American Sentinel University.
Submission Instructions:

  • Enter ONE person from your organization.
  • Tell us how he/she has exhibited at least one superhero trait during these challenging times and has positively impacted patients, peers and/or the community.
  • Your submission can be from any area in your hospital, clinical or non-clinical.
  • Entry must be made by a director-level or above.
  • Previous Colorado health care star winners WILL be accepted.

Deadline for submissions: Thursday, Oct. 15

Virtual Appreciation Event and Scholarship Drawing: Monday, Nov. 16

For more information contact

Tell us about your Superhero