Hospital Transformation Program

With the Hospital Transformation Program (HTP) underway, CHA is focused on supporting its members with the necessary tools and resources to be successful. For more information on HTP, please visit the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing’s (HCPF) website.

New - ED ALTO HTP Resources

Webinars on the ED ALTO metric

HTP CHA ALTO Data Collection Overview (5.13.21)

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HTP SW-BH3 Measure (5.27.21)

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Data Submission Process

      • Sign the ED ALTO Data Use Agreement and send to
      • Carefully review the Data Manual
      • Submit data to the ED ALTO HTP SharePoint Site (note: please open this link in private browsing mode)
      • Review and attest that data CHA has matched to claims data and analyzed is accurate
      • View data visualizations and make improvements using ODHIN

Data Submission Resources

      • Webinar on submitting data for the ED ALTO HTP metric (above)
      • More resources coming soon