The CO's CURE Initiative

Colorado’s Opioid Solution: Clinicians United to Resolve the Epidemic

Darlene Tad-y, MD, SFHM

Vice President, Clinical Affairs

CO's CURE Opioid Prescribing Guidelines

Vision Statement

The specialty societies of Colorado develop the nation’s first comprehensive, multispecialty medical guidelines to address and resolve the opioid epidemic in Colorado.

Project Background

In 2017, the Colorado Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians developed a set of guidelines to inform emergency departments (EDs) on how to holistically address the opioid epidemic. Among other recommendations, these guidelines encouraged the use of alternatives to opioids (ALTOs) as a first line of defense for treating painful conditions before resorting to opioids. Colorado Hospital Association (CHA), with the help of its partner organizations, launched a six-month pilot study of these guidelines in 10 EDs, which demonstrated an average 36 percent reduction in opioid administrations and 31 percent increase in the use of ALTOs. The pilot has since been expanded into the Colorado ALTO Project and rolled out across the state and beyond.

The CO’s CURE Initiative

In 2019, Colorado Hospital Association, Colorado Medical Society and Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention launched a new initiative designed to address the opioid epidemic in Colorado. CO’s CURE brings together diverse clinical specialties, all committed to resolving the opioid epidemic in Colorado by developing guidelines targeted towards the initiatives four pillars: limiting opioid use, using alternatives to opioids (ALTOs) for the treatment of pain, implementing harm reduction strategies and improving the treatment and referral of patients with Opioid Use Disorder. These guidelines will then be piloted in clinical setting following the same model as the Colorado ALTO Project. By having frontline clinicians champion the work, this accelerates the rate of adoption and sustainability.

All specialty societies in Colorado are welcome to join CO’s CURE.

CO’s CURE Leadership

This initiative is proudly co-sponsored by Colorado Hospital Association, Colorado Medical Society and Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.

CO's CURE Funding

This initiative is made possible by generous funding from the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.