Colorado ALTO Project

In 2017, CHA and its partners developed the Colorado Opioid Safety Pilot, a study that was conducted in 10 hospital emergency departments (EDs) over a six-month span with a goal of reducing the administration of opioids in those EDs by 15 percent. The cohort of 10 participating sites achieved an average 36 percent reduction in the administration of opioids during those six months, as well as a 31.4 percent increase in the administration of alternatives to opioids (ALTOs).

Based on the success of the pilot, CHA has launched the Colorado ALTO Project to implement this program in all hospital EDs.

Don Stader, MD, introducing the ALTO Project at the Denver regional training in May, 2018.

CHA understands that employees at some hospitals may not be able to view video content on this website. The Association will provide a hard copy of the training materials for each Colorado hospital that requests it. Hospital administrators are asked to request that resource through this contact form.