2018 Colorado Opioid Safety Summit

On Jan. 25, 2018, Colorado Hospital Association, in partnership with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, hosted the first ever Colorado Opioid Safety Summit. This summit showcased the results of the Colorado Opioid Safety Pilot (available below) and was attended by over 350 people. The Pilot study has already gathered national attention for its significant strides towards limiting opioid use in emergency department settings. The summit also featured a discussion panel with spokespeople from each of the participating hospitals, a variety of keynote speakers and a lunchtime poster session.

Speakers Bios and Presentations

Speaker Bios
Admiral Winnefeld Presentation
Don Stader/Heidi Wald Presentation
Robert Werthwein Presentation
Jason Hoppe Presentation
Charles Smith Presentation
Joshua Bloom Presentation
Colorado Opioid Safety Pilot Report
Pre-launch Checklist