Data & Reporting

Faced with a rapidly changing health care environment where private and public health care purchasers, federal, state and local policy makers, patients and providers are all engaged in the health care reform dialog, the ability to access and analyze data from multiple sources has never been more important. The Colorado Hospital Association (CHA) is cognizant that this data needs to be combined and analyzed quickly in order to derive meaningful and actionable information that will help hospitals continue to provide much-needed care and economic stability in their communities. To this end, CHA has created a new center for health information and data analytics. A robust analytics function is crucial to informing CHA’s advocacy on behalf of its members. The goal of the analytical function is to be proactive about changes and to use data to predict the effect of changes on hospital providers.

For information regarding the transition to the 837 format for discharge collection, please contact Krista Smith, CHA data quality and security manager, at 720.330.6064. 

CHA has valuable data resources in-house, such as the discharge database and DATABANK. The Center for Value in Health Care (CIVHC) has recently released the All-Payer Claims Database. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality have been releasing data on their websites about provider utilization, quality and other metrics. These are only a few of the many current and emerging data sources in health care.

CHA’s Center for Health Information and Data Analytics recently released two studies. More information on each below.

National Report: States Expanding Medicaid Continue to Outpace Their Non-expansion Neighbors in Medicaid Patient Volume and ED Visits

The latest report details how hospitals in states that chose to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reported sustained growth in Medicaid patient volumes during-second quarter 2014—and three times the increase of emergency department (ED) visits than hospitals in non-expansion states in second-quarter 2014 compared to the same time last year.

Click here for the full report. For the news release, click here.

National Report: U.S. Hospitals in Medicaid Expansion States Seeing More Medicaid Patients and Reduced Charity Care Levels

The first report, released in June 2014, shows hospitals in states that chose to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act saw significantly more Medicaid patients and a related reduction in self-pay and charity care cases; whereas, hospitals in states that chose not to expand Medicaid experienced no changes outside normal variation in Medicaid volume or self-pay and charity care cases.

Click here for the full report. For the news release, click here.

For more information, contact Krista Smith, CHA manager of data quality and security, at 720.330.6064.