CHA DATABANK is an online program available to CHA members. Since 1985, DATABANK has served as a centralized location for the collection and analysis of hospital utilization and financial data.

DATABANK is a secure, web-based program, offering members comparable sources of data such as average length of stay, outpatient statistics, charges and expenses per day or per stay, uncollected charges, number of days in accounts receivable gross, profitability and a number of personnel statistics. Hospitals submit their monthly data electronically and the standard or customizable reports provide timely snapshots in key information categories.

CHA licenses the program to other hospital associations around the country. Currently, DATABANK is licensed in 14 states. All CHA members have full access to the DATABANK program as long as they submit their utilization and financial data every month. Data from other states is made available for benchmarking within Colorado and across other states. Not only is the data useful to hospitals in monitoring their operational performance, it is an essential tool for CHA to advocate on behalf of the membership.

For more information contact Kevin Reed, CHA senior director, at 720.330.6030.