Colorado Hospital Association has developed a robust data analysis and visualization tool, called ODHIN (On Demand Hospital Information Network), available as a benefit to all CHA member hospitals and health systems. CHA is able to create unique dashboard views based on an individual’s role at a member hospital, including views for executive roles, business development, quality and patient safety and others. ODHIN is also available on an app with mobile-optimized views of each dashboard.

Built in is a vast array of data that is of interest to members, including: utilization data, payer mix, market share, market leakage and general population health. Additional features allow participants to create customizable peer groups to see how their organization compares to others based on the available metrics or slice the data by a number of different characteristics such as patient ZIP code or service line. This information will enable users to make better decisions about capital investments, patient safety initiatives, community needs, and investment in or exit from services provided.

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ODHIN Overview