Colorado Hospital Association Statement on Reinsurance Waiver Approval

“Colorado hospitals recognize that the cost of health care has become unsustainable for many Coloradans, and we hope that this two-year reinsurance program – largely funded by hospitals – is effective in providing needed relief for patients from high insurance costs,” said Katherine Mulready, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, CHA. “The price of health insurance includes both the premiums and the copay and deductible costs, so this can’t just be about reducing premiums while insurers continue to raise out-of-pocket costs on Coloradans. We trust that the Polis Administration and the Insurance Commissioner will make sure insurers follow the law and that savings from reinsurance are fully passed on to consumers.”

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Colorado Hospital Association Statement on Colorado Hospital Value Report

“We appreciate a report that includes a discussion about quality and patient safety as part of the conversation about affordability,” said Steven J. Summer, president and CEO, CHA. “Connecting cost with quality is essential for patients seeking information about where to receive care. However, we do have some concerns about the conclusions reached in this report and would encourage employers to be careful when using this information.”

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Colorado Hospital Association Statement Regarding Projected Decrease in Individual Health Insurance Marketplace in 2020

We are pleased that the Insurance Commissioner is projecting a decrease in premiums on the individual market for 2020, as it reflects the many efforts by hospitals and providers to take ownership of their portion of the total cost of care. In fact, a recent report credited moderate hospital spending with restraining overall health spending, and we believe that is evidenced in this release from the state. In addition, Colorado hospitals will be the main source of funding for the state’s two-year reinsurance program, further indication of the role that hospitals are playing in improving affordability for Coloradans.

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